The Giant Shoe Museum was first conceived as a place to display Danny Eskenazi's collection of novelty shoes, once displayed by shoe companies to advertise their product. Only one shoe in this museum was actually worn by a human being, the World's Tallest Man as noted in Guiness's Book of World Records...Robert Wadlow. Viewed through brass eyepieces for the price of a quarter, one might see a shoe such as "The Colossus"
"The Colossus"
Opening of the Giant Shoe Museum
The Giant Shoe Museum was designed and built in 1997 by local sign artist Sven Sundbaum. Consisting of a hand-painted facade with brass eyepieces, to the inner cabinetry and coin operated lights and curtain-opening mechanism, the Giant Shoe Museum has been a welcome photo-op for tourists wishing to pose beside the world's tallest man...Robert Wadlow.
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